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Quilter´s Favorites

 Hi, my name is Věra and I´m from the Czech Republic I´ve got a husband and three children (two sons and one daughter). I participate the Quilter´s Favorites from Geta Grama. Her blog is here.
I am not so skilled quilter, but maybe, my few easy tips may help someone. I decided also post them in Czech language later :).

Tips for organizing the fabrics 
 I am not FQ person. Be honest, it is easier to buy fabric than FQ in my coutry. My stash isn´t so wide, but I use this clever tip for folding the fabric. Just fold it and roll it over the ruler. Pull the ruler out, fold it ina half and you´ll get the same size "packet".
And my scraps are in recycled plastic boxes, sorted by colours.

My sewing machine.
I bought my Toyota sewing machine 17 years ago didn´t know anything about the free motion quilting, but it can do that!! What a happy accident! I´ve just found it a year ago :).  Last Christmas I bought Toyota Footwork Kit with the walking, qilting atc. foots. It was the best Christmas present ever.

My tools
After many years of cutting with scissors I really love my rotary cutter and cutting mat. And I can also recomend this Friction pen - the line disapears after ironing.

Hand quilting tips 
Quilt just fabrics made for patchwork and quilting. Yes, they are expensive, but it´s much more easier to put the needle through.  As I wrote, I´m from the country without the patchwork tradition and it was something new for me :). I haven´t used cheap fabrics for hand quilting since then.

Do you have free tutorials on your blog? Share the link.
At the moment I  have just one patchwork tutorial  you can find it here. And the quilt made according the tutorial is my favourite for now.

My favourite quilt designer / blogger is definitely Bonnie Hunter, her free tutorials are here. I love her scraps quilts! Two her books are in my library.

7 komentářů:

  1. Thank you for linking to my party and sharing your tips, Vera. I love that way of folding fabric- so clever!

  2. Nice to meet you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the tips--Bonnie Hunter is one of my favorites also!

  4. Great to meet you, Vera. I'm your newest (for now) follower. I discovered the Friction pens at the Houston Quilt show last fall and love them. I bought only two so I'll need to pick up a few more this fall. I really enjoyed your blog and will be back to read the English version.

    1. Thanks for following my blog, sometimes I´m not sure about writing the post in both languages, but it´s better, because Czech language is so complicated, not friendly for google translator. And I need to practise English as well.

  5. Thanks for sharing your tips. I'm from Romania and I underestand very well what you mean. Your tip to fold with the plastic ruler is good!

    1. Thanks for your comment, sometimes quilters in America can´t understand our problems, can they? Five years before I hade to use pliers to pull out the needle when quilting :). But the situation is better and better, now we have moda on-line Czech shops with R.Kaufman,Clothworks, moda, Makeover ... and other fabrics here. But only few pre-cuts.